1. Suave as hell

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    You’re not as fat as u think dhu…


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    me after group projects

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  4. "Tanto sueño pero cierro los ojos y tengo miedo… miro la pantalla del computador y me lastima, lindo sol, apúrate… ya no aguanto, no aguanto ver esa puerta abrirse una vez más. vamos, sal rápido… ellos hablan y quiero que se callen."
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    What life is suppose to be

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    The Artist


    _Lily, go to bed honey.
    _Just one more drawing mommy!
    _Sigh… just like her daddy.

    You just can’t stop being an artist… you don’t learn to be an artist, you just are one.. you learn tools and techniques, you mostly learn how to canalize and direct your creative energy, but you don’t learn how to be an artist.

    Rising up

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    A mouth-watering fuck-ton of hand angle references.

    By Shadowcross on DA.